When it comes to health care in the USVI, we go that extra mile!

Products and Services

We offer a wide-range of options of traditional medical plans with essential dental benefits as well as pharmacy and vision coverage in one complete package. Our plan options include:

Open Access PPO Plans: insured member receives in-network plan level of benefits regardless of geographic location.1

Defined PPO Plans: Insured member receives plan level of benefits within the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Services in the United States are covered for emergency room services.

No matter what plan option you choose for your employees, BCBS-USVI is committed to work with our employer groups to produce better health outcomes for their employees and their families. Going that extra mile has its benefits, including:

  • 24-7 Nurse Advice Line and health library.
  • Individual Case Management for members with chronic conditions or that require long term medical care
  • Disease Management programs for members with asthma, diabetes, heart failure, hypertension, prenatal care, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
  • Care Coordination and Management for Organ Transplant services.
  • Extended Supply for some maintenance medications and OTC drugs with $0 copay.

We also provide our Employee Assistance Program, which can contribute to improving efficiency and performance in the workplace.

Pharmacy Benefits

We believe that our success is achieved from effectively helping our clients meet their pharmacy benefit goals through Unique and Tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate Clinical Services, Customer Services, Benefit Plan Design, Pharmacy Networks, Technological Systems and Platforms, and Administrative Support. This allows us to guarantee a continuous improvement of quality of care while meeting our client’s cost-containment needs.

Through our pharmacy benefits program, we provide:

  • Access to pharmacy benefits through an extensive network of over 1,000 plan pharmacies in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and over 67,000 pharmacies in the United States.
  • Four-tiered pharmacy products
  • 90 Day-Supply Programs for Maintenance Medications:
    • Catamaran Home Delivery: allows plan members to receive their maintenance drugs via mail in the convenience of their home.
    • Retail 90: allows the plan member to obtain their maintenance drugs through the Program Participating Pharmacies, including K-mart in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, Walgreens, Walmart, and independent pharmacies in Puerto Rico.
  • OTC Coverage (Over-the-counter drugs) – BCBS-USVI covers some over-the-counter drugs (OTC) through its pharmacy benefits with $0 copayment1. The list includes drugs to treat gastric conditions, allergies, and ophthalmic drops. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has approved these drugs in the same doses (mg by mg) that it had previously identified as drugs with a legend. Therefore, these drugs have been already proved to be safe and effective and in addition are less expensive.
  • Clinical Quality Management Programs - BCBS-USVI Pharmacy Program includes a series of programs designed to maintain adequate clinical care through the prescription drugs plan members use. The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee establish and manage these clinical programs.
  • Specialty Products – BriovaRx™ will handle all of your specialty medication needs. Your specialized therapy will be shipped to wherever you need, in a safe, temperature-controlled, and tested packaging, at no additional cost to you.
  • Mobile app – Secure, instant access to member’s prescription information and trusted pharmacy resources. Members can access prescription history, compare prescription prices, locate nearby pharmacies and maintain medication adherence as well as compliance, all in one convenient app for personal smartphone.
  • Diabetic Sense Program – enroll in this program designed for diabetics and receive your test strips by mail in 90 day supplies plus a free glucose meter yearly, educational material, 24/7 access to certified diabetes educators and much more. Effective February 1, 2015, you will be required to register in this program in order to obtain your diabetic supplies through Liberty Medical Supply, Inc. For additional information you may call 1-866-342-2383.

Vision care

BlueCross BlueShield of the U.S. Virgin Islands complements your medical plan benefits with a comprehensive vision care program administered through the Ivision International provider network conveniently located throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Ivision International is an independent company which provides vision care services.

Services include eye examination and an allowance benefit towards the purchase of prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, plus a discount from the plan provider’s regular retail prices. Some copayments and restrictions may apply. Please refer to the Plan Summary of Benefits for detailed information.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Quickhelp is a tool that improves efficiency in your workplace by helping employees whose work performance is being affected by emotional, behavioral, mental, or health problems. Quickhelp is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that offers an ample variety of services to the employer as well as the employees at affordable fees.

This multifaceted program is intended to provide employees with problem resolution techniques:

  • Unlimited telephonic assessment and counseling 24 hours / 7 days a week through our toll free line
  • Unlimited management consultations
  • Access to a network of behavioral health providers to address problems or issues that may affect the employee’s ability to work in the following areas:
    • Marriage
    • Family
    • Alcohol and Drugs
    • Weight Control
    • Depression
    • Tension and Stress
    • Interpersonal Relations
    • Gambling
    • Finances
    • Job
    • Legal
    • Life phase adjustment
    • Early adult
    • Midlife including caring for aging parents retirement
  • Coordination of Services
  • Referral to appropriate professionals
  • Reporting of program management and utilization

Advantage to employers who utilize the Employee Assistance Program

  • Exclusion of unnecessary cost due to losses in human resources (skills and productive capability)
  • Solution of difficult personnel problems
  • Retention of majority of the work force as satisfactory employees
  • Improved public and community relations and attitudes
  • Preventive influence on troubled employees

1Requires that the plan member presents physicians prescription for the equivalent OTC drug.