ICD-10 Due October 1, 2015

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Stop delayed payments by verifying your patients' eligibility now

Do you think it is fair that you take care of your patients and then the health insurer denies payment because the patient had no coverage? We do not think it is fair either. Verify the eligibility of your patients online and avoid payment denial due to lack of coverage.

Verify my patients' eligibility now. Instant access, secure and free

More than 9,600 patient eligibilities are verified online daily by providers like you...

  • Know beforehand whether the service you will provide to your patients will be paid.
  • Stop tracking down payments from your patients because they were not eligible members of a health plan.
  • Know in advance if you need to bill your patient for the service you will provide.
  • Stop sending out delinquent payment letters, making delinquent payment phone calls and processing bad-debt information.
  • Know for how long patients will have coverage so you can adequately coordinate the services you will provide.

No complicated requirements

  • No need to install an application,
  • No contract required,
  • Electronic billing is not necessary,
  • No billing software necessary,
  • Only an Internet connection is needed.

Your information is protected

Our system is configured to provide secure Internet communications. The security measures we have implemented ensure that your data is secure, so that the information cannot be intercepted while in transit.

Verify my patients' elegibility now. Instant access, secure and free